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Living in Korea
Born in 77
have a wife and two children
I am an orthopaedist.
and a person for a living and love photography , especially my children .

I hope everyone who passes through here can use my eyes to see what I see and enjoys the images for what they are.

The pictures here are primarily documentary, landscape, personal, family, travel, portrait, art, with some conceptual experimentation thrown in. I sometimes make photographs but more frequently I simply take them.

Almost pictures are taken by
Pentax Super A
with SMC m50mm F1.4,
DA*50-135mm F2.8,
DA16-45mm F4.0
Minolta TC-1
Olympus Pen EE3
Yashica Electro35
and Cannon AF35ML.

Few pictures are not mine.

Thanks of heart for you to visit me... I have much will to learn and much curiosity relatively to everything what it has to see with photograph, teaches to me what it will be able, I will be always ready to learn...

I prefer anyone commenting or faving my pictures or adding me as a contact to have pictures of their own in their account and have something about themselves written on their profile. If you don't have either of these, you're getting blocked, simple as that.

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Korea, Republic

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  1. 2008.06.03 16:29

    형 손가락 부러졌다면서요?? ㅋㅋ
    저도 이제 시작했는데 가슴이 아파요.. 하도 매트를 쳐서 그런지.. ㅜ.ㅜ

  2. 2008.06.03 18:52

    요즘 골프 치시나봅니다. ^<^ 닥블 오프라인 모임을 이번 주에 가지려고 합니다. 혹시 시간되시면 참석하실 수 있으실런지요? 서울이라서 너무 원거리긴 합니다만, 그래도 가능하시면 참석해주세요 :)

    • 2008.06.03 23:54 신고

      ^^; 부끄럽습니다..

      이번 주말에 이사관계로 좀 힘들듯 하네요...
      서울은 넘 멀어용.....ㅠㅠ
      선생님하고 고수민 선생님, 한정호 선생님 꼭 뵙고 싶은데 아이고.....

  3. 2008.06.10 15:32

    Few pictures are not mine...뷁
    영작이거 니가 한거가??? 우와~~~